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Change is upon us all. There is not going back. And we are here to play our part.
Fleed Tech Ltd is like no other company. Read below to understand why we claim that.
Our Tech - Fleed Tech
Our Tech - Fleed Tech
Our Tech - Fleed Tech

What is Fleed Tech?

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Fleed Tech Ltd is a digital company specialized in providing digital products and services, brand revival and digital marketing on the Internet. We believe in a world where everybody has equal chances to succeed as an entrepreneur and to realize their dreams. We take a new approach to doing business for the new millennium, in an engaging and productive way. Our values: integrity, reliability, accountability, product quality, and prosperity. Once more, we welcome you to Fleed Tech.

Our Humble Beginnings

Brief History

Fleed Tech Limited is a digital company that was founded by a group of young thinkers who felt a lag in the way business is conducted; therefore, there was an urgent need for a change.  Equally, they saw that situation as an opportunity to make a bit of money since they were fresh from university.

A the beginning, the company was intended to be a digital marketing company aiming at helping young entrepreneurs to achieves their goals. Moreover, improving quality service and work conditions for young workers in existing companies was one of the main missions of the young company. Founders of Fleed Tech planed to achieve these goals by doing consultations, digital marketing, website design, social media marketing, etc. But, when the company needed to expand, the closest solution was to start selling digital products and services to customers. That turned out to be a good decision. From the new statistics that arose, it has become clear that the company was destined to grow beyond its limits.

Despite continuing with consultations and digital marketing activities, more and more services were added. The company’s market share is quickly rising with more and more market dominance; and as they say: “the rest is history!”


We envision a world in which everybody has equal chances to success and fulfillment, using the available (digital) resources to create new and better ones for the advancement of humanity.


We impact the status quo, focusing on innovation, high quality, and affordability by putting a balance between people’s needs and wants.

Meet our estimated team

At Fleed Tech, we do not look at your degree, nor your prestige, let alone your experience. We look at your personality, your enthusiasm, your ambition, your optimism for the future, your creativity regarding problem-solving solutions, your efficiency, your attention to details, and most importantly, what you can offer to us and to the world. We have tirelessly built and developed our skills to serve those who need our help. Have the same believes? Then you are already one of us.

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Isaac Ssekaweesi

Co-Founder and CEO

With a long experience in Computer Sciences and Networking, Isaac Sekaweesi has proven to many that only imagination is the limit. He has contributed to the accomplishment of many projects across Africa. He is a very valuable member of the Fleed Tech Team and we are grateful for having him.

Specialties: Administration, Networking, Fiber Installation, Server Management 

AsKas Jeremy - Project Manager at Fleed Tech
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AsKas Jeremy

Co-Founder & Project Manager

AsKas is a visionary. He believes in a Neutral Internet for all, especially for the youths. He is passionate about Software and Web Development, Adobe packages, and multimedia. He has endlessly built his skills to separate what people think they want from what they deserve.

Specialties: Project Development, Multimedia, Networking

Carol Mawejje - General Secretary at Fleed Tech
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Carol Mawejje

General Secretary

Our team-gluer, as we like to call her; she always finds ways to bring the team together. Caro is a recognizable project manager and finance expert. She has worked on numerous projects in many companies and her skills are unquestionable.

Specialties: Sensitization, Events Organisation

Sseganyi Jumah - Marketing Director at Fleed Tech
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Sseganyi Jumah

Marketing Director

A reasonable creative Marketer who can get a job done perfectly. Incapable of promoting something I myself don’t believe in, with a passion for uncovering unique and compiling ways of how people should use service, a product, or anything they have to transform their lives and others around them.

Specialties: Marketing, Multimedia, Research, Systems Admin

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