What really is Social Media Marketing?

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc, are very popular platforms which are easily accessible to many at Almost Zero Cost. As such, there are millions of consumers who are active on these sites, enabling Business owners to utilize the opportunity to increase their Brand Awareness and to easily communicate with their target consumers. Moreover, social media sites are relatively inexpensive to conduct Marketing campaigns, making it feasible for organizations of various sizes to compete on Common Ground.

Social Media Marketing has become as important as old ways of marketing so quickly to a point that Businesses can no longer ignore the benefits that come with them. Even TV channels, TV shows, radio stations, comedy parodies and many old-school media are all impressing the new trend of content consumption.

This is due to the fact that, social media are just non-arguably cheap and accessible to both businesses and customers alike; thus, easy access to potential customers by businesses. In addition to the above, the user interfaces of most social media are easy to use, appealing, addictive and enjoyable. They offer everything for everyone; from entertainment, tech, news, shopping, research, online communities, therapy groups, mysteries, to cat videos 🙂

For advise on how to get online, please read this article.

So, what really happens during Social Media Marketing?

The first thing to do is to create an account/page/group/thread/reddit/event, depending on how the platform calls it; brief have an identity on the chosen platform. In this writing we shall use “page”. Naturally, the next step is to brand the page by adding specification like biography, description, photos (such as a profile photo or a cover/header photo), videos, type of business, office location, website address, contacts (such as email address, phone contact, whatsapp number, etc), mission, vision, impressum, foundation date, a short story, job opportunities, awards (if any), action buttons, events, groups, and so on.

There comes the most important part of them all: posting content. It is crucially advisable to post a fare amount of content before starting to advertise your social media page to more people. According to statistics of most social media platforms, it turns out that people do not appreciate pages that do not post regularly. This helps convince the new followers that you actually post content regularly; hence, giving them a reasonable push to like and follow your page.

Another under-looked task in social media marketing is marketing of the social media page itself. Many folks confuse social media marketing of the business with marketing of the page itself. There are millions of important pages to follow online. You need to stand out of the crowd. People can only pick interest in things they’ve laid eyes on. You need to make sure your page is visible to users. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money.

That done, the task remains to regularly and tirelessly post new content, every day at best, every 3 days tolerably, or every week at the very least. If you are not available enough to be able to manage your social media pages yourself, you are advised to hire someone else who can manage: these people are called Social Media Managers, and this job is now recognized as a real professional job. There are full companies around this task. And, do not worry, they are not expensive to pay 🙂

The type of content is also very important. You need to post content related to your business’ services or products. You do not need to post unrelated content in the name of posting regularly. This becomes confusing to the followers and leads to stop following your page. The good news is Social Media Managers know this very well. And if you are planning to hire one, you will not need to worry about the content quality so much. You only need to oversee them, and all will more on well.

We hope this article was helpful to you and your business. Remember, if you are not available enough or if you do not know what to do, feel free to hire professionals, like Fleed Tech to do the heavy lifting for you.

To examples of social media pages, click: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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AsKas Jeremy
Author: AsKas Jeremy

I believe in a newly redefined Neutral Web, where everybody has equal chances for success. I am passionate about Software and Web Design, programming, and multimedia.

AsKas Jeremy

I believe in a newly redefined Neutral Web, where everybody has equal chances for success. I am passionate about Software and Web Design, programming, and multimedia.

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