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Website Development

New ideas require a new and better approach. It is not hard to tell; there is a need for a change in the way modern websites are designed. Here at Fleed Tech, we understand this very well. In recent years, useful tools have brought lots of opportunities. It’s now easy to design amazing visuals with only a few clicks.

We design and develop modern websites, mobile, and desktop applications using the best tools on the market on the best Frameworks and CMSs. Check our Portfolio to learn more.

What to Consider

The cost of a website cannot be standardized. This is because the cost depends on many factors, including the type of website, the number of pages, the availability of content (text, images, videos, GIFs, etc). Another important factor we need before pricing is to know what you have already and what we shall have to provide you. This may include a domain name, a hosting plan, content, etc. Finally, we may need to know how soon you what the website to be delivered. The sooner you want it, the more expensive it gets.

After website launch

A website is worthless if no one is visiting it.
That is why, after the launch of your website,
it’s a must that you advert it. 

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Process & Workflow

Website descriptions

At this stage, we determine what type of website the new one will be depending on the client’s requirements.

Design and Development

At this stage, we design visual mockups of the main pages for the future website that the client has to approve before moving to the next step.

Requirements Identification

In consultation with the client, we make a detailed list of what the website should be able to accomplish, including the main features and the list of pages.

Testing and Launch

The development done, we give a client 3 changes to request for changes, and after all the changes have been approved, we proceed to the official launch of the project.


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