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One of the most underrated aspects of business is Good Brand Image. Focus is usually put more on advertisement and sales. Because customers, in all industries, have a very large list of companies to choose from; the chance of being picked is very minimal. That is why the best way to stand out is to build a strong, trustable, welcoming, and reputable brand in the eyes of the customers. You do not know how? It can be overwhelming, but we are here to clear the confusion out. We follow the current recommended practices to rebuild brands. Just drop us a line, and we shall sort your issue out.

What to have in mind while designing

  • Simplicity
  • Appeal
  • Color Scheme
  • Meaning

The beauty of design is simplicity. The simpler your design is, the better. On that, you add creativity, uniqueness, appeal, uniformity in the color scheme, catchy visuals. At Fleed Tech, we offer:

  • Logo – 3 concepts from which the client chooses.
  • Posters – for events, product launch, or any need.
  • Business Cards and Employee access cards.
  • E-book – from cover to cover.
  • Models, Illustrations, Vectors, Cliparts, etc.
  • Receipts, Notebooks, Pens, Tshirts, Hats, etc.
  • Animation and cartoons.

Key Points of Graphics Design

Have a Uniform Look

You need to have a recognizable appearance for the customers to easily associate with your brand. That implies having a simple and memorable logo, a constant color scheme, and a relatable slogan.

Smooth and Soft Design

If you are following the current trends, you must have realized that design is getting softer and cleaner. The rule is simple: “if something can be removed without losing the meaning of a concept, it should be removed.”


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