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Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of periodically sending emails to one customer or a group of customers. This group is named “Mailing List”. Broadly, every single email sent to a customer can be viewed as email marketing. It requires using email to send notices, business inquiries, or partnership requests.

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to stay in touch with clients. Even though it’s losing some ground against peer-to-peer chatting app and video communication, email marketing still holds its rightful place in the work environment due to its versatility and security robustness.

What to consider

Email Marketing is not a plug-and-play game. It comes with a few aspects to have in mind. Before jumping head-on in, you may want to consider a few good-behavior practices that may just help you avoid getting into some trouble.

  • Do not spam your clients – When someone trusts you with their email, the last thing they expect from you is to be spammed with hundreds of products adverts and useless reminders, even if they subscribed to your Newsletter.
  • Send decent professional emails – Good spelling and grammar are always appreciated by anyone. Your clients have enough problems already. You do not want to add your business to them by sending them poorly written emails.
  • Have a clear and predictable schedule – This allows your clients to anticipate regular contact with your brand while also building a sense of trust and routine.
  • No Spam
  • Professional Emails
  • Schedule


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