Is Video Marketing Important For My Business

Why do I need it?

Video marketing must be used by everyone who owns or wishes to start up a business. The fact is that a well-made video quickly explains what the business or product is about; in a way, any person, technical or non-technical can easily and visually understand what is being discussed by only watching. With the rise of social media, recent statistics have shown that video media is the most consumed mean of communion worldwide. 4 out of 5 people prefer watching a video than reading a text post; thus, customers are most likely going to buy an item they saw in a video or at least a photo than one they read about in a blog post.

What is it?

A video is usually comprised of moving images, sounds, words, music, illustrations, motion graphics, pictures showcasing an idea, an argument, an existing or upcoming commodity or product, a vision, a place, or anything the producer wants to present to the viewers. Since producing a high-quality video is not an easy task, most videos are produced for commercial purposes.

Human brain, a visual machine

The human brain is a visual machine, it understands better-moving images. Consequently, the attention of viewers is captured in a more memorable way. Showcase a product and its usage in a visual way, is proof that you truly possess the item, and it is working properly. Therefore, a customer can confidently order for the item.

Consume less time

On that, you add the element of time. The world is getting busier and busier. People using the Internet have very many things to read about and watch, yet have very little time at their disposal. A clear, high-quality, brief, and precise video makes it very easy and convenient to consume information without wasting much time. And that – my friend – that is the key to your business success.

Comfort and Excitement

We must admit that human beings naturally like comfortable and easy things; and video is the most comfortable mean of information consumption. Another important aspect worth mentioning is that video marketing can easily be understood by both the literate and illiterate. If it is a voiced-over video, the only thing the person must know in order to understand is the language being used.

As said above, well-made motion graphics videos are even more engaging because they capture the most fundamental feature of the brain which is the visual cortex. Even deaf people can still pick the core message the producer is trying to pass.

With great solutions, come great challenges

Warning: poorly-made videos can be disastrous for your business. Because videos are visual, they show the most details. As an illustration, consider a video meant to present a new product to the market. If that video is well-produced, the product will surely look bad before being shown to the customers themselves; thus, killing the product before its shipment. That said, always make sure your videos are made by professionals, with experience in modern video production.

Moreover, before picking a video production company, it is good to first take a thorough look at their previous work. Not to forget to analyze their pricing regarding other video production companies on the market. Otherwise, you may get cheated.

Take away

In summary, with the Internet comes endless possibilities. One of the most prominent of them is Video Marketing; it can be consumed by everybody from literates to illiterates, passing by casual consumers to the disabled such as deaf viewers. However, in a crowded world of social media and video sharing sites like YouTube, Twitch, or Vimeo, you need to find a way to stand out. That implies that your videos better be simple, brief, engaging memorable and of the best quality you can get with your budget. Otherwise, your business will keep on losing money on Video Marketing without getting back the value for it.


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