How does it feel to work with Fleed Tech?

Good result
has always been of main focus over the years.
Because without good results, all the work is useless.

We archive this via various means. Though, the client’s good cooperation is at the center of it all.
Read below to understand how.

How do we operate?

At Fleed Tech, we use various approaches to tackles clients’ projects. Different project need different approaches. But before you dig into how we treat our customers, you may want to first read a bit about us; our brief history, values, goals, mission, vision, and so on.

Before hand, it boils down to good customer service. We treat our client at the best of our ability. We do this by following the steps below:

We offer a great deal of services

Our award winning approach

1. Consultations and Meeting

When client contacts us for consultation, we do our best to organize a meeting, or a constant discussion to discuss the solution in details.

2. Proposal Submission

As a result of the various discussions during Step 1, Fleed Tech generates a few documents that the client need to agree upon in order to establish a favorable business environment for both parties. These documents include: a Project Proposal, a Project Contract, a Proforma Invoice and a few others depending on the project’s requirements.

3. Release of conceptual designs

Here, we send the blue print showing how the application might look and work. For the graphics design, we usually share 2 concepts for the client to choose from.

4. Requirements Identification

Here, the client need to submit all necessary information about the project, from list menu, features, security scope, hosting plans, to daily update plans of the application/project in the future.

5. Coding and implementation

At this stage, we build the client’s project in our test environment, where it will remain until launch. We setup and skin all social media pages, external links, security features, and all the identified requirements in Step 4.

6. Testing

Here, we put the project online for the client’s team to visit and evaluate. The client is requested to give a full report on the things to change, improve or remove from the project. We then receive that report and our team makes the changes.

7. Launch

After all changes and improvements have been successfully implemented, the client is required to finalize with the payment, in case they have not, and the project/website/system is officially launched and migrated to the client’s hosting plan.

8. Training and Maintenance.

Training depends on the agreed upon strategy in the proposal during Step 2. Maintenance also depends on the clients desire. Since some clients have their own IT teams, sometimes they do not need Fleed Tech to continue managing their application.

Projects that need our physical presence

Other types of projects

The process discussed above mainly works for projects about building applications, design graphics, performing Search Engine Optimization, building an email marketing plan or again doing Social Media Marketing on the client’s social media pages, and so on.

But most of the time, for other types of project that require a physical present like the installation of CCTV Cameras or Covering a Wedding event, or again Ushering Services, we usually use another more settle and shorter approach.

  • The client tells us what the project is about, when it will take place and what is needed from us.
  • We tell the client what we can offer, how and at how much.
  • The client agrees or disagrees and sign the contract.
  • Our team then goes to the place and performs the needful.

But how do we handle Marketing of your company?

There is no one-size-fits-all method to marketing. Most digital marketing companies offer the same services, but to very different markets. Whether you are developing a full marketing plan for the upcoming year or rolling out a new product, you need to consider key demographics. That’s where Fleed Tech gets involved. We will get to know you and your clients through an intensive process to build and meet your business marketing objectives. This is achieved through our designed Marketing Strategy for your specific target clients.

Discover your customers -> Build an architecture that fits -> Work on the story telling strategy -> And finally launch the digital marketing plan.

Along with Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Why do you need SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is online advertising. People are shopping on websites instead of in stores, they’re subscribing to blogs instead of magazines, and they’re watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram instead of television. You’ve got to reach them where they’re spending their time (online). If you don’t, you could be missing out on business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is one of the best ways to reach the right customers. Say you are getting ready to launch a new product for your business; you can use the old shotgun methods of advertising like Radio, Print & Billboards and loose money. Or you can chose to user PPC and some most of it. PPC puts you in front of an meticulously targeted audience on search engines, effectively getting your message in front of the right people, at the right time, right away.

With Fleed Tech SEO strategies, we ensure the highest number of clicks to your product and engage as many people as possible on your website and social media pages. Some of the technique we use include: Campaign Setup, PPC Management, Keyword Research, Social Advertising, Conversions, and Landing Pages, to name a few.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is extremely effective for engaging with your members because it moves the conversation to a more personal environment (their inbox). Most importantly, email marketing helps you understand what most interests your members, so you can plan your next marketing move. At Fleed Tech we help you grow your audience and keep them engaged by assisting you to:

  • Build your list with a strategic email sign-up on your
  • Add to your list by adding sign-ups to your Facebook page, YouTube, and encouraging opt-ins using text-to-subscribe.
  • Design an attractive e-newsletter template
  • Automate your email newsletters with a well-written autoresponder
  • Write appealing email subject lines that get opened
  • Follow best practices to keep your messages out of SPAM filters

How does Fleed Tech perform email marketing?

With platforms such as Fleed Music, Zax, and Fleed Ushers we gather the necessary emails to do our marketing. We truck every user visitor on our platform to see what suits them and target specific group of users for specific messages. This puts us on an advantageous side over the others that claim to offer Digital Marketing Services.

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