How far can your CCTV cameras see?

Learning how far a security camera can see will help you better set up your surveillance systems and leave no blind spots. You have to learn to understand the security camera’s range limit in all conditions before you choose to use it.

But first, we have to discuss some of the questions that may run into your mind, such as: How far can a Retail or Home Security Camera see? How wide is the range, in meters, of a CCTV Camera’s line of sight?

To answer these questions, we have to know the factors that affect the Camera’s range of sight in general. Below are the major factors that may affect a security camera’s range of sight. If mustered very well, you will reach all your expectations with CCTV Cameras’ importance.

1. The Focal Length.

This is the size of the security camera’s lenses; it is the number one factor determining how far a security camera can see. It is measured in MM and can be classified into two categories: Fixed Focal Length (found in fixed lens security cameras) and Variables Focal Length (available among varied-focal IP cameras). The smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view your security camera can cover. Equally, a larger Focal Length makes for narrower field of view of your surveillance cameras.

According to experienced camera installers, if you expect your security camera to see within 40 Feet, a 4.0 Fixed Lens security camera is enough to do the trick. The Pan–Tilt–Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras, also known as Zoom Security Cameras, on the other hand, are more suitable if the viewing area is far away (beyond 40 feet) from the location of the camera.

2. Resolution

It makes no sense if your camera just sees something but makes out no details. So, do not only ask “How far a security camera can see?”, it is also important to focus on “How far CCTV Cameras can see clearly with visible details?“. And that is where the resolution of your security cameras come into play. With the price of High Definition security cameras becoming much affordable, you can employ the 4mp, 5mp and even 4k security camera systems for video surveillance with vivid details.

3. Location

The location of the Security Camera can also affect the distance it can cover. For wireless security cameras, bricks, concrete, floors, walls and even out door big-trees can be greatly block the field of view of a any camera; thus reducing the coverage zone.

4. Quality

Because not all surveillance cameras are created equally, the camera’s material quality also matters when it comes to determining what range retail security cameras can cover; even though they are tagged with the same area size of field of view.

For proven reliability, it would be safer to go with well-established brands with a large customer base. Unknown camera sellers surely deserve a chance too, but, be warned, your experience with them may not be the greatest. Renowned Camera brands usually offer sound after-sales services which the little-known brands, sometimes, have a lag on.

Vision Capability

Image module

Also refereed to as Day-light and Night-Vision capabilities. Security cameras with night vision capability can produce outstanding images in the dark.  On top of the factors listed above, it is also affected by the number and type of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Lux Rating, if the camera is featured with 3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) specifications.

For example, the battery powered security camera Reolink Argus 2 can see up to 10 meters in the dark, and the infrared security camera Reolink RLC-410 can see up to 31 meters at night.

Note: Some Pan–Tilt–Zoom Cameras, like Reolink RLC-423, can even see up to 58 meters in darkness.

Monitor from a distance

Image module

With advisement in technology, it’s no longer difficult to keep in touch with your business or any location you want to monitor. The focus will now be on Dos AND Don’ts if you want to monitor places at a distance. If you want to keep tabs on sites from a distance, below are some feasible tips to serve your purpose:

  • Choose the Varifocal-Lens security cameras which can see a large field of view. You can zoom in to identify visible details at a distance without degrading the image quality.
  • High resolution security cameras, like 4mp and 5mp ones, camera increase the odds to deliver usable images and videos from a distance.
  • If you intend to buy a wireless security camera, make sure there are only few blocks between the camera and the monitoring site.
  • Buy your equipment from reputable brands to avoid possible disputes and unnecessary trouble later.
  • Ensure that your security cameras can also see far enough with recognizable details at night.

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AsKas Jeremy
Author: AsKas Jeremy

I believe in a newly redefined Neutral Web, where everybody has equal chances for success. I am passionate about Software and Web Design, programming, and multimedia.

AsKas Jeremy

I believe in a newly redefined Neutral Web, where everybody has equal chances for success. I am passionate about Software and Web Design, programming, and multimedia.

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    • That good to hear. Indeed you should talk to your boss. And share the link of this post with him. I’m glad we could help.

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