Hontinger New File Manager

Hostinger web host has rolled out a new and better File Manager

At Fleed Tech, we’ve been using Hostinger since June 2020 when we moved all our development environment from Goddaddy to Hostinger due to internal reasons. The Hostinger Support Team was very helpful, the costs were affordable, the transition was very smooth, and we encountered no issue whatsoever.

Although we enjoy our new hosting home and recommend it to our clients, there has always been a list of small details that Hostinger can improve upon. These include, but not limited to:

  • Redesign and add more features to the File Manager / File Browser (as they like to call it).
  • Improve on the load-speed of the Hosting Dashboard.
  • Improve on the CI/CD integration with Version Control system like GitHub or GitLab and add more features like connecting directly to a subfolder.
  • Ease and automate the transfer of assets (domains, files, ssl certificates, etc) from one Hostinger to another.
  • Improve on the PHP CRON functions.
  • Etc,

Today, it looks like Hostinger may have quietly granted one of our wishes before we even expressed it on forums and review websites: the File Manager is getting a revamp.

Hostinger’s New File Manager

In the past month or so, we’ve been noticing the beta version creep out slowly with incremental features. While it was still not usable each time we tried, two days ago it seemed a bit more functional with the ability to perform CRUD functions on files, and the Trash feature finally doing its job. While still in beta, here is a list of the changes we noticed so far:

  • Improved modern UI interface,
  • Better accessibility with more features promply visible with intuitive icons,
  • The UI interaction is faster,
  • Added a proper Search bar for easy navigation, sweet 😍
  • Display storage capacity,
  • Added Gid View, duh!
  • Added a functional Settings section, finally 😊💕
  • Better and Faster upload and download features, thanks please,
  • Added an “Info” button for more context,
  • Folder tree structure is more visible and readable,
  • Moved “Logout” button on the left main menu,
  • Showing File Manager version number below “Logout” button,
  • Etc.

At Fleed Tech, as shown by our services catalog, we are big suckers for innovation. It delights us a bunch when we see our partners improve their products for the benefit of our clients and ourselves. We will keep a close eye on this sweet File Manager and update you on any exciting new features as they roll out.

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