We are mainly a software development company that also specializes in digital marketing because a piece of software is worthless if it’s not being used. So, we offer:

  • Mobile and desktop native app design and development,
  • website design and development,
  • Domain name and hosting allocation,
  • Graphics design (logo, models, t-shirts, business cards, hats, pens, notebooks, receipts, illustrations, animations, events and birthday wishcards etc),
  • Video marketing,
  • Social Media Page management,
  • Subscription Services – Fleed Center (center.fleedtech.com)


Being a tech company, most of our operations are done online. In most cases, we really do not have to meet face to face to work on your project. But our physical office is located at FJ34, Zirobwe Road, Gayaza, Kampala, Uganda.

The cost of a website cannot be standardized. This is because the cost depends on many factors, including the type of website, the number of pages, the availability of content (text, images, videos, GIFs, etc). Another important factor we need before pricing is to know what you have already and what we shall have to provide you. This may include a domain name, a hosting plan, content, etc. Finally, we may need to know how soon you what the website to be delivered. The sooner you want it, the more expensive it gets.

However, we have base prices that you can view on our Pricing Page.

Over the years, we have collected a significant amount of experience from various projects. Following that experience, we decided to always request an initial deposit of 30% of the total amount before starting the project.

Note: The initial deposit is refundable under certain conditions that we mention in the project contract.

YES. Because we are always seeking new and innovative talent, we accept job applications all year-round. So, feel free to apply for any position within our company.

Applications are reviews by our team. And if your CV picks our interests, we shall get back to you for further instructions. And if for some reason, our team does not get back to you, we humbly request that you take it for a “non”. But in most cases, we reply to all applications, whether it interests us or not.



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 We respond to all messages within less than 24 hours.