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8 New Google Top-Level Domains that you can now pre-order, and Their Best Use Cases: .dad, .esq, .foo, .mov, .nexus, .phd, .prof, .zip

Google is launching 8 new top-level domains that are specifically designed for niche audiences, including dads, lawyers, developers, and PhD holders, among others. These domains are now available for pre-order on https://101domain.com, and they come with a range of price points starting from $14.99. In this blog, we will explore each of these top-level domains and the best use cases for them.


As the name suggests, .dad is a domain for dads, father figures, and fatherhood-related content. This domain extension is perfect for bloggers, writers, and content creators who focus on topics related to fatherhood. It could also be used by businesses that cater to dads or offer products and services for fatherhood-related events such as Father’s Day.


This is an abbreviation for “Esquire,” which is an honorary title given to lawyers. This top-level domain is perfect for law firms, lawyers, and legal professionals who want to build their online presence. It provides a professional and authoritative touch to their websites, making it easier for potential clients to find them online.


Developers can now register a domain name with .foo extension, which is a placeholder word often used in coding. This domain is perfect for programmers, developers, and software companies who want to showcase their skills and projects online.


The .mov top-level domain is not just for video files but for anything that moves you. It’s an excellent choice for businesses or individuals who want to create websites related to dance, music, or other performance arts. This extension could also be used for websites that provide reviews of movies or any other form of entertainment that moves people emotionally.


The .nexus domain extension is designed to bring together all your online projects in one place. It’s ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals who have multiple websites or online projects and want to create a central hub that connects them all.


If you have earned a doctorate degree and want to show it off, .phd is the perfect top-level domain for you. It’s ideal for academics, researchers, and anyone who wants to showcase their scholarly achievements online.


For researchers, teachers, and publications, the .prof top-level domain is an excellent choice. This extension provides a professional and authoritative touch to their websites, making it easier for potential readers and collaborators to find them online.


Finally, the .zip domain extension is perfect for businesses that deal with speed or compression, such as delivery services or file-sharing websites. It can also be used by sports-related businesses or websites related to extreme sports where speed is the main focus.

These new Google top-level domains provide a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to create a personalized online presence that caters to their specific niche audiences. From dads to developers, lawyers to PhD holders, there’s a domain extension for everyone. So, why not explore these new top-level domains and choose the one that best suits your needs and interests.


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