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Being a Digital Company, we always wanted to have a specific set of services we offer,
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Web design - Fleed Tech
Web design - Fleed Tech

Our Main Services

We offer you the best of ourselves
Fleed Ushers

Fleed Ushers

Fleed Ushers is a modern ushering service provider that provides 21st-century-quality services on various events to small, medium to large enterprises, and also to personal events.

Fleed Studio

Fleed Studio

Fleed Studio is a video and audio production digital studio specialized in delivering very high quality to small to large businesses.



Zinc is a Social Information Sharing System that operates within an academic environment, enable an easy, secure and convenient way to share information.

TiicTac Tv

TiicTac Tv

TiicTac TV is an online streaming service with a large library of video content, where users pay for watch-minutes in order to stream content from the library on mobile devices and home-TVs.

Fleed Net

Fleed Net

Fleed Net is a networking service that helps businesses build strong internal networking facilities and easily get access to the Internet in a cheap, reliable and convenient way.

We offer a great deal of services

Web Design Services

We accompany you through all your endeavors

Digital Marketing

At Fleed Tech, we believe that it wouldn’t be helpful of us to design a website for your business without doing Marketing for it.
That is why, in order to assure your success, we also provide Digital Marketing services.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), being the process of increasing traffic on your website by ranking it high in search results, it has become our main focus for our clients’ success. You surely need potential customers to lay eyes on your site. “An unvisited website is a waste of money.” – Asifiwe Kasereka.

At Fleed Tech, we offer you the best we can to rank higher than the competition. It is not easy, but we always find a way; that is if you allow us to help you, of course.

Email Marketing

Stay in touch with customers

The News Letter section is usually underlooked. Yet, it is as important as any other part of the website. The competition in business space has never been tighter. Getting a customer to buy from you is not enough; you need to stay in contact with them. Do not take our word for it. Do some research, get convinced, then come back so we can help you.

Long story short, get in contact with us and get your News Letter section kicking.

Social Media

No need to emphasize on this

It’s time to accept the fact that Social Media are now part of our daily lives. They have redefined the way we interact with each other; mostly, the way we carry out business. Businesses simply have no choice but to impress the social media phenomenon, because “that’s where customers are!”, all day long! I really do not see why any company wouldn’t want a piece of that.

Don’t know where to begin? Contact us and we shall show where to start from.

Spice up the look of your content

Graphics Design
in all its forms

Science tells us that a human brain is a Visual Machine. This implies that it understands pictures, illustrations, figures, and visual representations far better than text or audio. With an endless News Feed in front of them, customers are most likely to click on posts having illustrations. And our experts know this very well.

That is why we have invested a lot of efforts in cracking the code of how to produce the simplest and most efficient graphical pictures for our customers’ website, blog posts, and marketing items. Graphics Design is not a click-and-drop task. It requires patience, and meticulous attention to details while considering trending practices at the time of production.

Don’t understand what we mean? Just let us help you.

Logo Design
We involve you at every step
4 Concepts.
We respect your company color scheme.
You are free to ask for remakes.
Flyer & Advert Design
Very good for marketing
2 Concepts.
We work with you to create the best.
You are free to ask for remakes.
Marketing Items
Very good for branding
T-shirts, Hats, Notebooks, Pens,
Stickers, Pins, Clocks, 3D, Rings,
and all items are very important for marketing
Generic Design
Illustrations and Figures
For illustrations, Concepts,
Representations, Illusions,
feel free to get in touch.

Interface Mockup Design
for all sorts of application software

With more and more people getting online, and business getting digitized, you will undoubtedly need a piece of software of your own in the next few years, if not now. However, mobile applications and computer software have proven to be some of the most costly and equally rewarding investments you can make in this digital era. And that situation has a genuine reason behind it. “Which one?”, you may ask.

The success of your platform largely depends on its look and usability. Customers, just like any other human being, do not like complicated or laguy things. Therfore, your application must present an appealing, modern, intuitive and clean interface. However, these criteria cannot be achieved over night. They require expertise, creativity and patience – incredients that are Fleed Tech’s specialty.

Before we dig into the actual development of your application, we first put accross Interface Mockups that we let you evaluated and approve. You are free to ask for changes, as long as it does not affect the project delivery time, nor cost. These Interface Mockups are meant to give you a visual representation of what the final product will feel like. Interface Mockups can be of two categories:

  • Pictures
    These are simple static images of a few pages and main functionalities on several devices of various sizes..
  • Video Mockups
    These are the best option because they show a real-life scenario of the application in operation.

Video Production

The Internet is slowing involving from text only to photos, GIFs, and videos. According to Google Ads Statistics, people pay up to 5X more attention to videos than text. Moreover, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn putting more and more focus on Video Marketing, it’s time you impress it too.

It’s not only about putting a video online but also a high-quality, self-explanatory, well voiced and brief video will surely attract the attention of your targeted customers. At Fleed Tech, we know this very well. That is why we tirelessly learn new tricks and improve upon the video quality we offer to our clients.

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